Akvila Cutlery

Akvila Cutlery is a newly established Finnish limited company which is privately owned; and incorporates 100 years of tradition and manufacturing experience. Akvila Cutlery acquired the cutlery business of Akvila in January 2020 and is now expanding the manufacture and development of unique ecological reusable wood fibre cutlery in Outokumpu in North Karelia.


Nature Line reusable cutlery is made of renewable and sustainable raw materials, delivering the solution of a responsible alternative to current fossil or bio-based single-use cutlery.


The latest product launched by Akvila Cutlery in 2020 is the next generation reusable cutlery made entirely from wood-based raw materials.

Our new exclusivity raw material is totally unique in the world, it’s made from softwood fibres and wood waste derived ISCC certified bio-polypropylene, utilizing residues from existing pulp production. The raw material does not cause any deforestation and does not compete with food chain/production as many other bio-based materials.

The EU Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council will impose a ban on certain single-use cutlery in 2021.

This heralds a new age for the cutlery market. Akvila Cutlery Oy is leading the way in presenting the most sustainable solution to a huge existing market undergoing rapid change.


Akvila Cutlery is a flexible and efficient partner whose cornerstones are speed of operation, quality of service and high-quality safe products. Akvila Cutlery also continues developing constantly new solutions and products to fulfill customer demands.


A product made exclusively of ecological material, combined with reusability and multi-use offers a unique and ecological combination


Akvila Cutlery creates innovative and sustainable solutions in cutlery.


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