Nature Line – Reusable wood fibre cutlery made from renewable materials


Akvila launched the first generation of reusable wood fibre cutlery to the global market in early 2019.


In 2020, Akvila Cutlery launched to the market the next generation reusable cutlery made from total wood based raw materials. Our new exclusivity raw material is totally unique in the world. Cutlery is made from softwood fibres and wood waste derived ISCC certified bio-polypropylene, utilizing residues from existing pulp production  = 0% virgin materials is needed.

The material does not cause any deforestation and does not compete with food chain/production as many other bio-based materials, which is totally unique in the world.


Nature Line reusable wood fibre cutlery is made of renewable and sustainable raw materials, delivering the solution with a responsible alternative to current fossil or bio-based single-use cutlery. Ecological material combined with reusability creates unique and ecological combination.


Nature Line reusable cutlery presents a unique product experience. Products are stronger and more durable than single-use cutlery with a guaranteed heat resistance of over 100 degrees and suitability for machine dishwashing.


Akvila produce two different ranges of reusable cutlery with three raw material option.

  • Economy: Reusable/dishwasher safe, lighter weight cutlery
  • Premium: Reusable/dishwasher safe, heavyweight cutlery

Cutlery is available under Akvila’s brand or the customer’s own brand with different packaging possibilities



UPM Formi EcoAce™ renewable wood fibre biocomposite.

  • Biocomposite based on wood fibre and wood waste derived polypropylene, certified from a third party chain of custody system.
  • Up to 100% bio-based feedstock that does not compete with food production as other crop based bio mass materials.
  • Recycling ready up to 100%, enabling reprocessability for injection molding and extrusion.


Alternative material

  • DuraSense® Wood fibre based biocomposite: a mixture of wood fibres and bio-polyethylene derived from sugar cane, renewable content up to 98%
  • DuraSense® Wood fibre based biocomposite: a mixture of wood fibres and polypropylene, renewable content 50%
  • All wood sources are covered by a third-party certified Chain of Custody system.


Akvila’s cutlery has lower ecological footprint than any other bio-based cutlery, offering carbon footprint (co2) reduction up to 100%.


Akvila’s cutlery renewable content is almost 100%.


Akvila’s cutlery raw material saving resources, utilizing residues from existing pulp production, implementation of zero-deforestation.


The product is recyclable and can be reused as a material up to 5 times or recycled along with other plastic materials.


At the end of its life cycle, wood fibre cutlery is a renewable energy resource and CO2 balance of the raw materials remain zero after incineration.


Akvila’s Nature Line cutlery is packed in recyclable paper packaging.


Akvila’s wood fibre cutlery are the first and the only ones of this kind in the world.


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