Akvila Nature Line – Wood fibre cutlery made from renewable materials

A World First: Akvila launched bio-based reusable wood fibre cutlery to the global market at the beginning of 2019.


Akvila Nature Line reusable wood fibre cutlery is made from renewable and sustainable raw-materials and bring a completely new alternative as a replacement for single use cutlery.


Akvila’s reusable wood fibre cutlery presents a unique product experience. The products are stronger and more durable than single-use cutlery with a guaranteed heat resistance of over 100 degrees and suitability for dishwashing.




Akvila’s new Nature Line cutlery is made from Stora Enso’s wood fibre biocomposite, a mixture of wood fibres and bio-polyethylene derived from sugar cane. DuraSense™ by Stora Enso biocomposite is a perfect example of how non-renewable, fossil-based plastics can be replaced with renewable bio-based materials, like wood.


The compound’s wood raw material is sourced from sustainable sources within 70 km average distance from Stora Enso Hylte mill, Europe’s largest wood fibre-based biocomposite plant. All wood sources are covered by a third-party certified Chain of Custody system.


Akvila’s wood fibre cutlery has a (CO2) carbon footprint up to 80% lower than the ordinary fossil-based plastic cutlery and up to 60% lower than cutlery made from PLA. Akvila’s cutlery has lower ecological footprint than any other bio-based cutlery


The product is recyclable and can be reused as a material up to 6 times or recycled along with other plastic materials.

At the end of its life cycle, wood fibre cutlery is a renewable energy resource.


Akvila’s Nature Line cutlery is packed in recyclable paper packaging.


Akvila’s cutlery renewable content is 98%.


Akvila’s wood fibre cutlery are the first and the only ones of this kind in the world.


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