From Ink To Plastic, From Plastic To Wood Fibre.

Akvila is a Finnish family-owned company, founded in 1920. Over 70 years’ experience in plastic products and injection moulding has given us a wealth of know-how and a wide range of different products, including our renowned unbreakable drinkware. Akvila also produced plastic cutlery for over 50 years. Today, Akvila is moving forward ambitiously and has replaced production of glasses and cutlery from fossil-based materials to sustainable and renewable raw materials.


A World First: at the beginning of 2019 Akvila launched its innovative reusable wood fibre cutlery to the global market. Akvila Nature Line Reusable wood fibre cutlery is made of renewable and sustainable raw materials, delivering the solution with a responsible alternative to current fossil or bio -based single-use cutlery. The EU Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council will impose a ban on certain single-use cutlery in 2021. Additionally to the cutlery, Akvila also produces unbreakable plastic glasses, which are made of high quality, certified raw-material.

Akvila is a flexible and efficient partner whose cornerstones are speed of operation, quality of service and high-quality safe products.


Our capabilities allow our materials to be applied a wide spectrum of applications and almost unlimited area of use. Design and development of bespoke products for clients is a speciality, and for more information about our range of products or to receive our assistance in answering your project brief please get in touch.


Akvila: sustainable, climate-friendly, safe and economically sound sourcing.


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